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A Look At How Embroidery Started It was when man has discovered how to join two pieces of cloth together that embroidery has started. In order to make sure that the material will have beauty and design, that is where embroidery started. It the English embroidery that flourished from the 11th to the 13th century. In ecclesiastical vestments and other clothing is where embroidery was commonly seen. A trend which is called as goldwork embroidery is what is also being used in this era. It is by suing this process that pure gold was incorporated not the fabric in order to symbolize fame and wealth. It is during this era that embroiderers are seen as artist and it will take them years to complete the work that they are doing. It is the worth if gold that is the reason why there are also a number of embroiderers that was burnt. It is the handy work of these artists that has never been preserved due to this reason. It is in the 14th to the 15th century where the quality of embroidery fell due to the black death. It was this epidemic that wiped out a huge portion of the population of the world. Due to the said epidemic, the skills of embroiderers was never passed on to the next generation.
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Aside from clothing the has been an increased in the application of embroidery into other items in the 16th to the 17th century. It is during this area that furnishings and lavish clothing already has embroidery as well. It was during this period that the blackwork embroidery has started. It is this press wherein black silk is embroidered into a white linen. The stumpwork is also another popular embroidery work during this period. It I also during this period that samples with embroidered design have been passed on from generation to generation.
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It was the Chinese elements that have penetrated the western embroidery in the 18th century. Rather than becoming an art form, embroidery started to become a craft. The industrial revolution in the 19 century has also started to make changes in the embroidery industry. It was this time that the very first machine used for embroidery was created. The Berlin wool has seen its glory during this time. It was in the 29th century that may people has shifted it the naturalistic design when it comes to embroidery. It is here that started the shaded silk embroidery. It is this process that is all about the delicate shaded colors of satin stitch on a linen. It is the embroideries of today that you will be able to see a mixture of traditional and modern design. It is now that you will see traditional stitches that have been placed in modern 3D materials. Computer designed patterns are also being used in today’s embroidery.