Questions About Dogs You Must Know the Answers To

Why is Dog Still the Best Pet Friend for Humans

Why do you want a dog? If you notice, wherever you are and whatever neighborhood you have, you will always see the presence of dogs regardless of their number and breed type. With you observation, it only shows that both humans and dogs play an important role in each other’s lives. But why is that that dogs dominate the world when it comes to pet?

Dogs will always be associated with the term, “man’s best friend” if you are going to define the word.Most of us refer dogs to be the only man’s best friend for pets wherever you are. You cannot deny the fact that dogs are really lovable creatures that you even take care of them like your child. Even the kids crave for pet dogs, too. Dogs have the abilities to make your day from grey into rainbow colors. If you notice, dogs tend to bark even if you are still meters away from approaching your home. This is how dogs know that their owner is actually approaching their home. Dogs are also very welcoming because they stay behind the door and once you open it, they just jump nonstop. With these, you can say that dogs are really your best friends. If you are sad, you can rely on them to make you smile again. All you need to do is cuddle and play with them and you will surely forget your problems.

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But dogs are not just limited to cuddling and cutie stuffs. Your dog is actually the one who can protect you also. Even the sweetest dogs can be really tough when they feel threat around you. If there is a presence of unknown person, they bark endlessly not unless you scold them and let them stop. They are actually protectors so you feel safer when you have them. They protect your home and guard it from any strangers. The dogs are very alert creatures and even if they are sleeping, they will wake up if they feel threat is present. That is why more and more households love to have dogs in their homes, too.
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There are also dogs that are being utilized as trained dogs for the purpose of security. They are trained to ensure that no threat is present in the area such as bombs or they can even smell illegal materials. These dogs are risking their lives just to protect the humanity. They are also trained to chase bad people. Even their resting time is sacrificed and they will mostly be in alert status at all times. But for an ordinary person, you can never teach your dog to become a police dog because it is very difficult.

Dogs are very special animals. We need to give them the love they need, too. If you plan on having one, make sure that you are ready to take care of it.