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Why Choose the Right Type of Barrel for Whiskey

Many whiskey makers use different kinds of barrel to create a whiskey that has a unique taste and character that is often accumulated from the barrel they are stored with. For other whiskey makers, they try to use barrels that were once used to age other liquors so as to exude a very unique flavor from the whiskey they are currently storing. Without a doubt one must carefully choose the right whiskey barrel to use.

So what kind of wood you must use?

New vs. Old Barrels – Which is preferable?
You are probably one of the many people who are puzzled as to which type of barrel is best to use, the new one or the old one. If you’ll try to talk about other things like car and houses people will probably prefer the new one but in the case of whiskey barrels, this is quite debatable. Why would whiskey makers make use new barrels in storing whiskey?

One of the prevailing reasons why most whiskey makers see to it that not all of the barrels used in storing whiskey are new ones because of its price. In using new barrels in aging whiskey is quite an expensive endeavor even if you have a cooperage business.

Many people before used to have their own cooperage, a place where wooden barrels are made, this is of course when materials like stainless steel and aluminum are yet to be discovered.

For some people they really prefer the new ones because it gives off a stronger taste compared to the ones that has been used for a very long time in aging whiskey. This is pretty much the main reason why some people prefer the new barrels.

As for the old ones, some reuse them as a sort of flavor enhancement since some barrels were used to age other liquors the whiskey somehow accumulates a refreshing and unique taste. This flavor is something that you don’t get from using new barrels.

New barrels are sturdier compared to the old ones plus you can be assured that there is a lesser tendency for leakage. Old barrels on the other hand has higher tendency’s for breakage and leakage.

What Makes Oak Barrel Ideal for Aging Whiskey
There are a number of wood species used in making barrel, each of it has its own attributes. Barrels that are made from oaks are the preferred type of barrels used by whiskey makers all over the globe.

Many people prefer to use oaks in making barrels because of its durability.

The second reason is that it is non-porous wood.

The oak saturates a very refreshing and desirable flavors to the whiskey.

The high number of oak species found in countries where wine, whiskey and other liqueur fermentation is prevalent.

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